Jan 1
Paul Brown
Jan 2
Sidney Brunson
Renata Williamson
Jan 3
Faye Mitchell
Jan 4
Victoria Hardway
Jan 5
Marcia Gillispie
Jan 6
Joyce Blue
Demondo German
Jan 8
Kendrick Reaves
Charlotte Ladson
Jan 9
Katurah Mace
Jan 11
Sean Murphy
Jan 14
Ashley Sweatt
Jan 16
Melissa Reed
Jan 19
Ella James
Lou Rogers
Roosevelt Moore
Jan 21
Hope Fryson
Jan 22
Joyce Mason
Jan 23
Caralene Fling
Jan 24
Roe McLeod
Jan 25
Doris Muckelvaney
Jan 26
Cynthia Townsend
Jan 27
Kimberly Hickson
Kenneth Goodwin
Jan 28
Rob Horton
Jan 30
Lakeisha Hughes
Gerald Williams
Jan 31
Sylvia Crawford

Service Anniversaries

Jan 28
Cynthia Joynes (30)
Donna Brown-Stewart (9)
Amanda Gibbons (9)
Margie McClellan (9)

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Therap Services
DDSN Application Portal
Alliant ASO
SCDDSN portal

Agency Policy Manual
MDCBDSN Job Openings
Home & Community Based Services
Final Rule

Official Website of the
State of South Carolina
(contains links to state employee benefit information.)

SCDDSN home page.
South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs

Directives & Standards
Contains state directives
and standards

Tech Toolbox
Tools and Apps from the ARC for people with disabilities

MDCBDSN home page
SC State Agencies
(Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services US Dept of Health & Human Services)

SC Developmental Disabilities Council
Hands-on-Health SC
SC Assistive Technology Program
SC Voc Rehab
South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department

Quality Mall
The Council on Quality and Leadership
American Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (formerly AAMR)

Human Services Research Institute
The Mandt System
Reducing workplace violence through Positive Behavior Supports



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All employees who handle PHI (Protected Health
Information) or PII (Personally Identifiable
Information) in any form (including Therap) are
required to undergo annual Cyber-Security
Training. Effective September 1, 2016, all
employees who did not previously have an
agency email address will have one. Details
of the new accounts and the required training
will be communicated through SComs in Therap,
so be sure to watch your SComs. Email users
will need to use the Webmail link above to access
their email. Thank you for your cooperation!

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January Events

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Jan 2 - New Year's Holiday
Jan 11 - 9:30 - Safety Committee (Marion Center)
Jan 16 - M. L. King Jr. Day Holiday (Offices and Day Programs closed)
Jan 20 - 9:30 - QA/RM Committee Meeting (Marion Center)
Jan 20 - 10:30 - Executive Staff Meeting (Marion Center)

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